Holiday Park Features: Activities


Canoeing at Stoney Park offers a range of double and single canoes.

The canoes are located by the side of the front lake and provides a great opportunity for you to canoe in a relaxing environment and paddle at a pace which suits you. Canoes are provided free of charge for Stoney Park guests, subject to availability.

Please Note: When the boat is in operation on the front lake, the canoes are not permitted to be taken outside of the "sliders".  If you are unsure of what this means, please visit the friendly Stoney Park office staff , who will show you where this is.



Bike riding around Stoney Park is a great way to see the property at your own leisure.

Their is ample open spaces for you to ride around and even a trip around the front lake makes for some great excercise and an opportunity to get up close to the kangaroos.

Please Note: Stoney Park is unable to provide bikes for guests to use but you are more than welcome to bring your own.