Are gift vouchers available?
Yes. They can be purchased online on this site. Click on the BOOK NOW button to purchase. There is a booking fee to purchase tickets online.

Gift vouchers will be emailed to the nominated email address. They are valid for three years and must be redeemed online. Apply the gift voucher toward the online booking purchase using the "Apply a gift card" option, located next to the booking total.

Are annual passes available?

Yes. You can purchase an annual pass. The annual pass covers both the Aqua and Action parks when they are operational. The cost is $199 per person regardless of age. The annual pass is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. They can be purchased online on this site or from the kiosk in person. Click on the BOOK NOW button to purchase online. There is a booking fee to purchase tickets online. 

What age can go on the Aqua and/or Action Park?

Aqua Park: From 3 years +   Ages 3 to 6 may use the Aqua Park but MUST be accompanied by their parent/carer at all times who takes full responsibility for them. Under 3 years of age are not permitted on the park. There is a free splash zone with toys for small children to play outside of the Aqua Park perimeter.

Action Park: 16 Years and Under   Ages 3 to 6 may use the Action Park but MUST be accompanied by their parent/carer at all times who takes full responsibility for them. Under 3 are not permitted on the park. There are unlimited jumping castles available for children under 7 years for a minimal cost. 

Is there a weight/height restriction?

Do you take card / EFTPOS?

Can we reserve a table and/or BBQ?
No, it is not possible to reserve tables or BBQs. It is on a first come first serve basis. We have plenty of shade, tables and sun loungers for your use. If you like you may bring your own chairs and shade structure.

Can we bring our own food and drinks?
Yes, you may bring any of your own food and you may use our BBQs that require $2 coins to operate and run for 25 minutes.

Can we bring our own alcohol?
Yes, you can have alcohol on the premises, but no alcohol consumption may take place before or while participating on the Aqua and/or Action Park. No alcohol to be consumed near the water's edge or around other patrons outside of your group. We reserve the right to ask you to leave at any time.

Do I need to book, or can I just come along?
It is always recommended to make a booking online, but you can come along and purchase tickets on the day. Customers should arrive at least 30 minutes prior to their preferred time to allow for their ticket purchase, the signing in process and the safety brief. This time may become longer as peak season approaches. All patrons need to be on the beach dressed and ready to go 10 minutes prior to the session start time for the Aqua Park. Latecomers cannot join a session that has already started once the safety brief has been delivered.

*If you have a group of 30+ Aqua Park participants and would like to book a gathering please email us at info@stoneypark.com.au

Do I need to sign a Waiver?
Yes, all participants must read our safety rules and sign a waiver before being allowed onto the park. These are available on site at the ticket booths.

Are there any sharks?
No. We are a clean and clear freshwater man-made lake.

Is the water quality tested?

We are under a strict water monitoring testing procedure carried out by a Bio chemist from an environmental laboratory. The water testing results are governed by the Port Macquarie-Hastings Council. Independently of this Stoney Aqua Park has a filtration program and water treatment process in place that is maintained continuously.

If you are feeling unwell or have gastroenteritis known as stomach flu, please do not use the aqua park inflatables.

How deep is the water?

The water is about 1.5 metres deep. Life jackets are supplied and are compulsory.

What do I need to bring?

Swimwear that is suitable for physical exercise (boardshorts and rashie for example), towel, sunscreen and hat. Additional dry clothing for the Action Park with long sleeves. Socks are optional.

Do you close down if it rains?

We do NOT close down if it rains. We will stop though if there is lightning close by and just for the duration of the lightning storm. Any other extreme weather events, like excessive heat at the Action Park, our senior supervisor staff will make the call to shut down or not, at the time, on the day. 

Is there a booking fee for online tickets?

Yes. When tickets are purchased online only there is a booking fee. A fee is not charged when tickets are bought at the ticket booth on arrival.

When do you book out?

Over the Christmas/New Year's period. Online booking is recommended to avoid disappointment.

Are we permitted to drive into the area to drop off items?

You can only drive through if given permission by the kiosk staff and only to drop heavy items off. Your car must then be moved back to the car park. 

Do we have to pay to spectate?

No. Spectators are free from the shore at the Aqua Park and from the ground at the Action Park. You must purchase a ticket to go on the equipment.

Do I need to know how to swim?

It is highly recommended that you have a basic understanding of swimming. All participants must wear a life jacket which holds you above the water. All participants must make their own way out and back from the equipment.

Do I have to use a double session pass back-to-back?

No. When you make a booking online you pre book only the first session. The second session may be used at any other time on that day.

Can I purchase a double session that includes both parks?

Yes. You can purchase a double session or All Day Pass for either the Aqua Park or the Action Park when operational.

1 x 50-minute session is a single session for 50 minutes for one person

2 x 50-minute session is a double session (2 sessions) for one person – they do not have to be taken consecutively

Can I swim and/or bring my canoe?

Yes. You may swim or use your watercraft, at your own risk, anywhere on the lake outside of the perimeter of the Aqua Park and Aqua Golf.

Is Stoney Park pet friendly?

Yes, we are pet friendly for both day visits and accommodation. Please see the pet friendly rules on the front office wall.

Dog owners/handlers are personally responsible and legally responsible for the animals.

You are using the facility at your own risk and are personally liable for your dog.

*             Dogs must be kept on a leash. There is an off-lead area at the back of the park.

*             Dogs are permitted inside cabins but must have their own bedding/crate and are not allowed up on the furniture. If there is damage done there will be an additional cost, this includes excessive hair left behind. Please sweep up before departure.

*             Owners/handlers must clean up after their dog.

*             Dogs are not to chase wildlife i.e. kangaroos.

*             The owner/handler of dog(s) showing aggressive behaviour are required to immediately remove the offending animal.

Do I need a booking for accommodation and camping?

Yes. Cabins, Dormitory and Camping accommodation can be booked on our website. You need a booking prior to arrival. See our accommodation page for further information on our accommodation types.

Do you operate Stoney Park Ski School?

No. The ski school is permanently closed.